Imago KwaZulu Natal Generational Workshops



Have you ever felt like you don’t understand one another?

You love each other with every part of your being, and yet you can’t talk?

You find yourself over-reacting, and then over-compensating to feel less guilty?

You love those moments of connection and laughter and they seem so rare?

Carol-Ann Dixon and Michele Naude host Generational workshops to assist generational pairs to explore and resolve issues, listen so as to understand the other’s worlds, and find a new way of  accepting  differences and staying in connection.

It is an inter-active, fun and experiential workshop where pairs will spend time growing and learning together. Through the creation of safety, listening and understanding, generational pairs can find their way back to each other and experience personal and relational transformation.

Michele and Carol are both parents who have had vast experience with their own teens and adult children, as well as working with children and their parents with a combined experience of over 40 years!

Parents who have attended this workshop in the past have said:

“I learnt to hold hands instead of hurts”

“Ground-breaking and eye-opening approach that will help us to develop healthy and happy relationships”

“Every family needs to attend this workshop in order to grow together”

“I learnt to be a present parent rather than a perfect parent”

From a 14 year old – “see the change in your relationship – it’s real”

From a 17 year old – “I felt seen and understood for the first time, I can honestly say I enjoyed this workshop”

From a 30 year old – “I feel like I have grown from a boy into a man, for the first time in my Mother’s eyes”

From a 38 year old – “I feel like my Father really understands me now, is willing to let me be an independent adult and trust me to do life my own way”

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