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March 8, 2016
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June 4, 2016


Shadow play Imago KZN

Shadow play Imago KZN

Shadow Play

by Neil Melli

Come out into the dark

where I can see you


Show me your pain, I’ll show you mine


All this time

our shadows have been boxing


They could have been dancing


Carol Dixon
Carol Dixon
I first experienced Imago through Hedy and Yumi Schleifer in 2000 when my husband, Richard, and I attended a Getting the Love You Want couples workshop.I immediately “fell in love” with Imago and knew it was the answer to all my searching for a safe place to work on my relationship with Richard, as well as the best method to inform my own work with couples. I am continually learning and growing through Imago and have recently started to experience the “real love” stage after many years of journeying and doing the work with Richard. As Richard says – “we have learnt to think and be dialogical” and our dance is no longer characterized by reactivity. We are more and more responding to each other with deep understanding, conscious responsiveness and graciousness. No relationship is perfect and indeed ours is not, however we both feel so much more competent and equipped to deal with issues and find ourselves closer than we have been for years! I love working with couples now because Imago Relationship Therapy has provided me with a tool box sine que non, and being able to offer couples the option of attending a workshop provides the flexibility and depth many struggling couples need to grow and heal their relationship. I offer 2-3 day Intensive Couples sessions during which time I work with one couple to explore the dynamics of the relationship, help the couple re-connect emotionally, and facilitate ways of re-solving frustrations through the use of the Imago Dialogue. As from 1 June 2019 I will be on a 6 month sabbatical in the UK so will be available for online sessions and referrals to my practice in South Kensington in London. I can be contacted on Qualifications: M.A. (Couns. Psych.) Cum laude - RAU 1999 Certified Imago Therapist Certified Imago Workshop Presenter Imago Africa Board member (current)

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