Quotes from people who have attended a workshop

2014 Durban Imago Christmas Lunch
January 10, 2014
Links to Have a Look At
March 8, 2016

‘As a pre-marriage course I cannot recommend this w/shop enough because when the romance is over and the work begins we now have the tools’

‘Love rules no matter how hard it gets’

‘This is a process you can trust and is well worth doing. The best investment into your marriage.’

‘Brilliant workshop for all couples to attend To appreciate and learn to understand and to love your partner more’

‘This workshop really gets a handle on a simple, true and applicable way to work/rework relationships. Beginning with self-reflection on childhood learning to issues forced in adulthood.’

‘Surprising relevant. Shockingly helpful’

‘The workshop is a real eye opener and it is easy to relate to the material as you see first hand that there are others going through the same/similar process.’

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