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Our Client Testimonials

What our clients say

Imago has saved my life. 


An investment in your marriage for life. 


This course is a wonderful practical way of understanding your childhood needs and how they can influence the relationship dance. 


When a colleague said he had attended a life and relationship changing Imago workshop I was slightly sceptical. However after Lennart and I attended such a workshop for couples, run by Hedy and Yumi Schleiffer, we were “hooked”. We realized that Imago Relationship Therapy definitely offers a road to greater relationship and self awareness, fulfillment and joy. We have continued to regard the principles imbued in Imago as a way of traversing the highs and lows of our marriage and life together and use the practices on a regular basis to enrich our communication and connection. We have both experienced deeper understanding of ourselves and each other and the possibilities of growth. For me Imago offers the opportunity to experience what can best be described in the words of Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche: “A wisdom is a wisdom only when its knowledge is blessed with one’s own true experience and unconditional love. – Evelyn Heunis


I started doing relationship counseling when I worked at FAMSA, Durban (the Family and Marriage Society of South Africa) in 1987. Although the way we worked was effective for many couples, there were some that I battled to assist, those I called “the screamers” – instead of solving their problems, they would scream at each other, which was extremely destructive. When a colleague told me about Imago Relationship Therapy, I was looking for a practical, safe and effective way of helping. As part of the training process in Imago, it is necessary for therapists to attend a ‘Getting the Love You Want’ workshop with their partner in order for both to experience the Imago practice and philosophy. My husband was therefore “schlepped” to an Imago workshop presented by Hedy Schleiffer in 2000. We both found the workshop very useful, and in fact we have both attended two others – ‘The Art of Cherishment’ and ‘Sexual Health: an Introduction to the Sexocorporal Approach’. We were able to use the Imago dialogue to deepen our communication, and we were able to understand how and why our buttons get pressed as a result of our childhood experiences. Imago Relationship Therapy has also provided me with an effective safe tool to help my couples. – Cathy Haselau


I never thought my husband and I would re-connect the way we did. I was cynical and not really interested in doing ‘another marriage course’ where we did not receive practical help/tools to implement, but this was life changing. For the first time I received what I have longed for from my husband.


A wonderful opportunity to develop insight and hope in your relationship.


The course is worth it in whatever stage of relationship you are in.


Excellent and essential learning for everybody.


Life skills we should all learn – the earlier the better.


All ‘singles’ should allow themselves the opportunity to learn and grow in such a safe, warm and inviting environment.


Wish we could have done this earlier in my son’s life.


I received a better understanding of interacting with my child.


We need this philosophy taught in schools, to teachers and on their teacher workshops.

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