Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop

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October 5, 2016
Imago Therapy in Action: Moving From Rupture to Repair
September 18, 2018



What is Imago?

Imago Relationship Therapy is a therapy process developed by Harville Hendrix to create safe, conscious relationships. As he describes in his book “Getting the Love you Want” you will realize that your love relationship has a hidden purpose – the healing of childhood wounds. Instead of focusing entirely on surface needs and desires, you learn to recognize the unresolved childhood issues that underlie them. When you look at marriage with this X-ray vision, your daily interactions take on more meaning. Puzzling aspects of your relationship begin to make sense to you, and you have a greater sense of control.

The workshop has been designed to help you feel safe and supported, and to give you as much privacy as you want. There will be times to have fun together, and times when you can practice the Imago Dialogue to learn more about why you and your partner are attracted. It will help you to understand what lies beneath some of the conflicts that might emerge in your relationship, and how to use these as opportunities to become more connected and to reignite your love. 

What others said:

  • “While keeping our privacy, we were able to work one-on-one on some of the intimate parts of who we are. This has been an enriching and powerful experience”
  • “The workshop is powerful and uplifting, it creates a pathway into a fulfilling relationship when the road seemed to have come to an end.”
  • “This has been an amazing journey. The principles of Imago are astonishing.”
  • “Understanding how my relationship with my husband works has given me new hope for our relationship.”
  • “Nothing is changed, but everything is different. Logical, exciting and something I can buy into. I finally got those soft eyes back.”
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